We are listed as the best law firms, dedicated to provide best services at affordable prices. We have 20 years of experience in the practice area of estate planning, wills & probate, conservatorship and guardianship. Rozsa Gyene has an exclusive knowledge of legal matters and is best known for making her legal profession as a whole more noble.


With an extensive experience of 20 years, Rozsa Gyene is giving her services as a probate lawyer. She is a state licensed attorney who has years of experience in mentoring and knows how to advise personal representatives. Rozsa is known for settling the final affairs of a deceased person in a professional as well as a perfect manner.

How a probate lawyer can help you

A probate lawyer helps us to manage the estate of our loved ones. Usually we don’t find ourselves in a state to cope with the loss of our loved ones, but we need to oversee that is left behind. The real estate marketing company assets that is left behind the needs be to administer through the court process called “probate”

A probate lawyer is the one who provides help to distribute the person’s property and money after death.

Why do you need to hire a probate lawyer

Probate is a legal process that is required to carry out a person’s will after death. A probate lawyer helps you at each step of the process. After paying the debts and taxes from the dead person’s assets, you distribute rest of the money and property according to the will. We not deal in Dwarka Escorts. If there is no will, laws of state decides how to distribute the property.

Overall probate process and laws can be very complex and you must follow the laws. California is one of the states having more complex probate systems in the country and handling the process alone could be challenging for you. Even in simple probate cases, you need to hire a probate lawyer who can represent you in the court. A probate lawyer can advise you how to perform the steps in process. She helps you to plan the usage of your property after your death. We not provide services for Delhi Escorts. A probate attorney also represents the family members or any beneficiary who wish to challenge the wills.

Process of Probate Cases

Probate cases involves the court’s appointment of a “personal representative” who handles the decedent’s estate administration. Appointed personal representative is responsible for the collection and protection of estate assets, resolve disputed claims and account to the estate beneficiaries and to the court for all the transactions. Occasionally, this process is straightforward but sometimes we need to resolve some complicated issues such as distributing the limited funds among creditors and determining who is to be at the top of the priority.

An experienced probate lawyer will be able to navigate the probate process competently, and will be better equipped to respond to any unexpected situations that may arise during the probate process.

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Estate planning

Life is too short to make delays in your estate planning. Give it a thought and start with your estate planning today.


Conservatorship & Guardianship

It is a protective court proceeding where a judge gives the  responsibility of an adult but not fit person to a reliable person.

Wills and Probate

A process, where an attorney provides and registers the last will of a deceased person in the court.


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