Estate planning

Life is too short to make delays in your estate planning. Give it a thought and start with your estate planning today. The law office of Rozsa Gyene is specialized and expert in estate planning. We are dedicated to help you legally, determining how your assets have to be managed during your lifetime and how to distribute them among your loved ones after your death.  We provide you the services you and your loved ones deserve. We will develop an estate plan so that it minimizes taxes and terminate court cost and interference. We help you to create a legally binding document ensuring the control of your finances, taxes and medical plans.

“Estate”, a term that defines everything that belongs to you, be it your property or money.  Estate Planning is to transfer your belongings to your loved ones and to whom you want it to be transferred, after your death.  Attorneys, handling the cases of estate planning helps you in protecting your estate. After your death, they make it sure that the estate goes to the person you loved the most. By writing documents, they allow you to transfer your property and money to the children, charities or someone you want.

Wills and Probate

A process where an attorney provides and registers the last will of a deceased person in        the court. The things left behind after a person’s death belongs to his loved ones and they have to deal with the assets. It is the executor of the will, who manages and handles the assets and debts. If the assets are not held by the trust, it may need to be managed through the court process called “probate”.

Attorneys at the law office of Rozsa Gyene, helps you to protect your interests and provide you peace of mind, by taking care of your assets after you pass away. If a person dies with a valid will, the responsibility goes to the executor mentioned in the will. In the absence of the executor, the whole case undergoes a legal process, where the court appoints the administrator of the estate. To solve the case of an unnamed will can be complex sometimes and requires a lot of time to get settled.

Conservatorship & Guardianship

It is a protective court proceeding where a judge gives the  responsibility of an adult who is unfit, to a reliable person.

Legal concept where a guardian or a protector is appointed legally by the judge to manage the financial as well as other affairs of another person due to physical/ mental limitations or old age.  Conservator is a person, to whom court gives the responsibility of the adult who is not considered to take care of the matters like finances, legal matters and health care. The person appointed by the court to take care of the financial matters of the other person is called ‘conservator of the estate’ whereas the person seeking the responsibility of personal and medical matter is usually called ‘conservator of the person’

The law office of Rozsa Gyene helps the families by providing conservatorship and protect clients as they are the one who makes right choices and decisions for their family and future.