Rozsa Geyne is a concern lawyer that gave me and my husband all the attention she could to set our will and trust. Our children will be safe if anything happens to us.

–  Trevor Hank


Rozsa Geyne helped me through every step of the estate planning process and answered every question. Now I understand the importance of and my family will be protected in the future..

–  Roxanne Sheena


Rozsa Geyne have as many reasons to be the best attorney, as she has positive reviews. All I wanted was to make the future safe for my kids and I had no idea what was the best way to do that. Until I met Rozsa Geyne  and she help me decide what to do with my assets and how to make them grow and make them safe for my children. I recommend her services and thank her for all the work done.

–  Tabatha Clotilda


Couldn’t ask for a better experience. Rozsa Geyne has the best staff and was supportive and helpful during the whole process to set up my will.

–  Azure Alyssa


Rozsa Geyne always gets good reviews from me and my family. She helped all of us with our wills, trusts and estate planning issues, in an efficient, fast and easy way. Once we had all done we decided to make her our official lawyer for this business. Rozsa Geyne’s team was professional and helpful, after you work with them you understand all the good reviews she and the staff have.

– Darcy Maria


Rozsa Geyne and the team has received a lot of positive reviews for their professionalism, ethics and fast paced relations. Rozsa Geyne was very helpful during and after the process of setting a trust, it all happened while she and the team listened to all my doubts and answered every question I had. Her approach to create our estate plan was creative and well organized, it is so easy to follow that I finished all the documentation process within two months.

–  Rebekah Liza


After a considerable search for the right attorney, we found Rozsa Geyne and were not disappointed. During her time helping us she did more than what was asked. She is a smart engaging person and a very capable attorney. We made appointment for a free consultation, and instead of making her questions and letting us go, she took all the time necessary to listen to what we wanted to accomplish now and later in life. It was definitely an easy decision to involve her and the team as our estate attorney.

–  Zara Ros


I fully recommend Rozsa Geyne for work and estate issues as the creation of any type of will, trusts and guardianships. She and her team of experienced lawyers, give their best everyday for their clients and listen to their problems with great attention, resolving even more than what we ask. My wife and me were looking for someone to redo our estate plan for far too long, and we finally found someone that took time to understand what we required.

– Shanon Kathryn


Rozsa Geyne made my legal process go smooth. She and her team were always completely in sync with me during the whole process. The meetings and reply were always done timely. Rozsa Geyne and the team are very experienced professionals that made us feel safe and comfortable in her office. Now our assets are protected, our kids have their future basically safe and the outcome was exactly what we were awaiting for. She also arranged an appointment with Sonar before deciding to go anywhere else.

–  Catherin Chyna